How To Incorporate KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) Into Your WeChat Marketing
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  • An Entreprn event at Naked Hub, Shanghai
  • Presentations by Founders & Director-level experts in China
  • Panel Q&A with audience interaction
  • Practical advice for businesses and entrepreneurs
  • Nearly 1.5 hours on best practices with KOLs
  • Slides available for download (PDF) for 2 presentations
  • Unlimited access anytime, anywhere, on any device

Event Overview

Key Opinion Leader (KOL) is a term used in digital marketing to qualify users who have a large online following and exert influence when they post news or endorsements to their networks. 

The top brands and marketers leverage KOLs to reach a broader audience and set themselves apart. 

How do professionals recruit KOLs, manage their relationships and increase chances of conversion?

This event will give you learnings and advice from experts in China. 

Speakers include:

Mike Reyes, Digital Director, NetBooster Asia


Mike is responsible for overall digital marketing solutions for clients at NetBooster Asia. He was Program Manager for DirectWithHotels and Account Manager for Asia Online in the past. Mike graduated from the University of Santo Tomas and AMA Computer College Makati. 

NetBooster is a global digital marketing agency specialising in PPC, SEO, Social, Creative, Analytics. 450 experts, 21 Offices, 17+ years experience


Kaufman Chang, Co-Founder & CEO, simplyBrand 


Before founding simplyBrand, Kaufman Chang was Vice President, Sales and Business Development, TCloud Computing; Director, SaaS Service Management, Trend Micro. He has an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and a Bachelor Degree in Engineering and Computer Science from Tsinghua. 

simplyBrand was founded in 2013 and is a leading provider of social media managing service and big data solutions in China. 

Questions addressed in this event:

1) What are the advantages of WeChat KOLs over Weibo KOLs?

2) How do brands know when they're getting value from a KOL?

3) What is the risk of fake or deceitful KOLs?

4) How do you engage and reward KOLs?

5) How do you find a KOL if you're a small brand?

6) KOLs generate likes but do they also drive sales?

7) How do you control the quality of a KOL post?

8) How much should companies budget for KOLs?

Max Henry is Founder & Executive Director of Entrepnr and hosted the event. 

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1 KOL as a Performance Marketing Tool
Video course icon By Mike Reyes, Digital Director, NetBooster Asia
Video course icon Part 2
2 WeChat KOL Data-Driven Marketing
Video course icon By Kaufman Chang, Co-Founder & CEO, simplyBrand
Video course icon Part2
3 Q&A Panel Discussion
Video course icon WeChat vs. Weibo KOLs; Value You Get; Fake KOLs; Managing KOLs & Rewards
Video course icon Finding KOLs; Conversion; Quality Control; How Much to Budget

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